Rev. Patty’s Inspiration Station

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You are special in God’s eyes, find out why!

Overcoming Hurdles

What’s rocking your world? Need a breakthrough?

Clear the Path

Life can beat you down, if you let it. Which way will you go? “Walk with Me. I will teach you. Listen to Me and I will speak.”

Walk in the Light of Your Presence

Do you believe that God walks through dark places, to bring you into the Light? “May my strength become your hope, as I go before you. You do not travel alone nor are on life’s journey.”

The Intimate Call

Are you listening for Jesus' call? Do you know him intimately?

Walking in Destiny

Gone are the days of longing for what was. Instead, focus on what is. The Lord has a plan for you to follow.

Tabernacle of Hope

Will you allow Jesus to be part of your world and dwell within your sacred space, your tabernacle?

Wear the World Loosely

Are you taking time to slow down and focus where your feet are? “Give us ears to hear, O God, and eyes to watch; that we may know your presence in our midst, during this holy season of joy, as we anticipate the coming of Jesus Christ.”

Bending with the Wind

Like the plants, we can bend with the winds of life and not break down. So, whatever you are going through, hang in there!

Harvest Time

What are you harvesting in your life? The Lord has a plan and you are part of it.