“Meeting People Where They Are At!”

“Each day, I take you aside; giving you a message to share and instructions for the day. You are mine and I am yours. We cannot be parted!”

I get this question often: “Where’s your church?”

I point down to my feet and remind them that Jesus never had a church. His ministry was mobile and so is mine; on foot or online. In scripture, the term “church” means people. I “Meet People” wherever they roam!

As a visitor to the Sacred Walk Home site, “Are you seeking the truth in your spiritual walk? Where do you go for support?” 

The good news is “With God everything is possible.” Why?

Faith in action moves God, heals the heart and stirs the Spirit.

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Need Healing?

“My power can heal you and kick out anything that is inside of you.”

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“The Power of the Risen Christ radiates through me. The Power of the Risen Christ is in me!”