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Beyond the Pulpit & Into the Garden

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve plodded along in life, wondering which way to turn. ”

“‘Don’t look back, look up and see all the greatness I have in store for you.’ As you contemplate your path in life, remember you are part of the great mystery of God!”*

Latest Messages

From On-High-His Power

“In His Presence is Power and there is Power in His Presence!”* We have the “Inner Ticker of Life stirring within, powered by His Word that comes “From on High!”

On Tour with Jesus – Lift Up Thine Eyes

Jesus is beckoning us to ascend; answering his higher call, by lifting up our eyes and hearts to receive all he has in store for us. “Let the eyes of your understanding be enlightened!”

On Tour with Jesus – Breaking Bread

Ready to Break Bread with Christ? Jesus did not come to earth to condemn the world; but so that through the Risen Christ, every human being might find a path of communion. (Br. Roger)

Running with the Pack in Heaven

Serving All God’s Kids…

Hi Mom,
“Heaven is an awesome place. There is no more pain or suffering. Everyday, I am free to “Run with the Pack in Heaven.”
Thanks for loving me,



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