“Stand Tall, Stay in Honor & Believe in Yourself!”

When you live in honor, you are not disobeying any universal law.

When you are honorable, everything that you give comes from your spirit; comes from your heart because that is truly the beginning, the basis of all honor.

Live in truth and nothing but truth will return to you because it can. You will know what the answer is before you ask the question; believe.

Standing Tall has nothing to do with who your family is, the country where you live or what your hopes or aspirations are. It has to do with who you are.

If you are honorable, this will lead to kindness and compassion. Have the kind of compassion that does not look down, but looks across. This is a wondrous way to be.

Meeting people where they are at!

I get this question often…

” Rev. Patty, Where is your church?” I point to my feet and remind them that Jesus never had a church. His ministry was mobile and so is mine; on foot & online. In scripture, the term ‘church’ means people. I meet others wherever they roam!

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“Take the words that I give you and use them. They were created for you and for all who have ears to hear, spirits that soar and hearts that sing.”

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“God knows the deep stuff that plagues our emotional world. When the storms of life hit, we want help.”

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