The Compassionate Heart of Christ – Week 5

Beyond the Pulpit…

During his 3 ½ year stint, Jesus had people following him everywhere.
As his ministry began to transition; Jesus watched many fall away, especially those he felt close to. Has this ever happened to you?
The Inner Ticker of Life; the one who resides in our innermost being is stirring within, encouraging us to keep pace with Jesus, no matter what.
Christ is still at the front of the pack, “Be to me a rock of refuge to which I may continually come.” (Ps. 71)
See you on Palm Sunday!
Rev. Patty

“Holy Spirit, open my mind, illuminate my heart!”*

Psalms of Hope

Remember ‘Lemmie?” You met her last year. Her blooming flowers are in abundance and the aroma of citrus is in the air; a new season is coming.
“Where there is darkness, I may bring Light!” (St. Francis)


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