The Compassionate Heart of Christ-Lent-Week 3

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Welcome Kindred’s,

As we discussed last week, Jesus was despised and rejected throughout his ministry.

For those of us who are travelers of the way; being despised and rejected can cause one to lose her/his footing.

“For though the righteous one may stumble, he will not fall headlong. He gets up again, for Adonai is holding his hand.” (Pro. 24 & Ps. 37)

Our question to ponder this week is: “How do we keep up the momentum; continuing our journey with Jesus, regardless of stumbling blocks along the way?”

See you on the Holy Road!

Rev. Patty

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What does it mean to stumble or fall spiritually?

As humans having a spiritual experience; we can identify with what it feels like to fall in our thoughts, emotions, as well as our entire being.

“Jesus is the only one who completely understands since he was persecuted in every imaginable way, and was hurt in all the ways we were hurt.”

After you finish reading today’s blog post and listen to my podcast; reflect on your own journey and where are you on the road to Golgotha.

“The Light is stronger than the darkness and I am not afraid.”*

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