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Reverend Patricia A. Zorn, M.Div., MSC

“Oh God, I kneel before you; with a humble heart I pray. 

May I be your instrument and work for you each day.

Guide every word that I should say; help me be what you’d have me be.

For I’ve heard your voice and my answer is, “Send Me!”


About Reverend Zorn

Founder: Sacred Walk Home, A Ministry of Hope & Healing in 1996.

Author: “Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, Inspirational Messages of God’s Love & Healingby Patricia A. Zorn; available in print and Kindle Format. Click on Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life to purchase your copy! 

Pastor: Rev. Zorn is the pastor of Sacred Walk Ministries, Inc., a mobile Catholic Church that meets people where they are at; ministering hope & healing to those seeking a spiritual way of life.

Inspirational Speaker: Rev. Zorn uses her gift of the written word, taken from her own personal experiences; encouraging and inspiring others to develop a closer relationship with God through prayer.

Retreat Leader: Rev. Zorn facilitates 12 step, day or weekend retreats for those in recovery who desire a deeper connection with God, as she/he understands God to be.

Women in Ministry: Rev. Zorn was ordained an Interfaith Minister in 1996, a Catholic Woman Priest in 2005 and merged her lines of apostolic succession with the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests in 2015. She is an advocate and supporter of women in all facets of ministry.

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The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

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