Faith is BBR

Being, Believing & Revealing… “I Walk in the Presence of the Light and I AM not Afraid!”* Hello Kindred Souls, This is a trying time of being in our lives. …

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Quietly Falling Away

“It is time to grow up and step out in total faith, leaving behind all that was.” Tune in for this week’s powerful message…

Faith in Flight

The Key to Healing on All Levels is Faith…  “It was by their faith that people of ancient times won God’s approval and it is by faith that we understand …

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Great is Thy Faithfulness

Is Your Faith Being Tested? Mine Is… After putting the finishing touches on yesterday’s podcast, “Hear My Cry”, I heard these words, “Thy Faithfulness.” I knew I had to share …

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Hearing & Believing

“Hearing the truth and believing in God’s ‘Good’ is ¾ of one’s spiritual journey; the remainder of the equation requires Faith.”

God’s Companion

“I am your long-time companion. My faithfulness and mercy stirs within you.”