Faith is BBR

Being, Believing & Revealing… “I Walk in the Presence of the Light and I AM not Afraid!”* Hello Kindred Souls, This is a trying time of being in our lives. …

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Strive to Be!

Title: Strive to Be! “Strive not to walk as your brother walks; nor talk as your leader talks, nor labor as the mediocre. Never copy another; you may be imitating …

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A Resurgent Power

“What stands before you is much greater than what stands behind you.  There is a new resurgence of the Light.  It is powerful.  Power does not come for opposition but …

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Peace Within

“Take my peace within your being, without strings.”

Being Part 3

We are blessed and perfect in God’s eyes, regardless of circumstances that come about. However, there are moments in life we like to hold onto stuff. The burden one carries …

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Being Part 2

Prophetic Passages:   Be Inspired & Tune In to “Being Part 2″… Reflect: “I am calling you out of the ethers of resistance to be who you are; right now, in …

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