Faith in Flight

The Key to Healing on All Levels is Faith…  “It was by their faith that people of ancient times won God’s approval and it is by faith that we understand …

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A Troubled Soul

“Be gracious unto me, for I am languishing. Heal me, for my bones are troubled. My soul is also greatly troubled. Every night, I flood my bed with tears.” (Ps. …

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Praise God

“Praise Yahweh, my soul; all that is within me and praise his holy name. Don’t forget his benefits. He heals all dis-ease and redeems one’s heart.” (Ps. 103)


“He refreshes my soul and guides me. In and out of crisis, I am being rebuilt, repaired and restored.”

Manifestation of Being & Healing

“There are many manifestations of being; a narrow view leaves you in the experience or situation, interfering with one’s ability to be 100% healed. If you want to be truly …

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Healing Promise #5

“I have not abandoned you. I have never left your side. Reach out and take my hand.” Today’s podcast message is very important. Stuff is happening out there. Be Open