Beacon of Hope

“Lift Me Up and I Will Be Safe. Empower Me to Live Every Moment in the Light of Your Ways.”*

A Vision – A Beacon of Hope

On Wednesday, during “ A Time of Prayer & Healing”, I got a vision from the Lord; a large bowl of light fell into my lap from above. The shape of the bowl reminded me of large spot light.

The bowl of light was powerful and bright; flowing up and down from heaven, in a heavy thick stream like a waterfall; covering my face and body, reinforcing God’s promise, “His massive arms are wrapped around you, protecting you. You can run under his covering of majesty and hide.” (Ps. 91) I knew this was a message for me to get busy. I quietly thanked God for this reminder that He is my hope!

The next day, while standing in my sacred space that the Lord has named, “My Worship Center”, I received another quick flash of the same vision and the Lord said…

“Come Back to the Center, I Want to Shine Through You!”

“Be a Beacon of My Light, My Way!”

In May of 2020, a friend shared some spiritual insights with me. She told me we need to allow the Light of the Risen Christ to settle in those spaces and places that need it the most; beginning deep within one’s heart and soul letting the light shine forth.

There is no coincidence that the theme for 2021 is “Into the Light”, and it is a confirmation that I am moving in the right direction, His Way; hope you are, too!

“Your Word is a Lamp to My Feet and a Light to My Path.” 

*(Ps. 119)

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