Trusting in God

“Some days may bring disappointments, bitter tastes—accidents that can cause peace of heart to vanish. But every day there remains the possibility to surrender ourselves in God.” (Br. Roger)

Don’t Look Back

Kindred’s; are you ready? Don’t look back; open your heart to see all the greatness God has in store for you?

Beyond the Storm

Are you struggling with trauma? You are not alone…

“The world is awakening to that marvelous truth: Christ is not only in the heavens and in the atmosphere outside; but Christ is in heaven and in the atmosphere outside, and Christ is in you.” (John G. Lake)

In His Name

Hello Kindred Soul’s, Do you remember my telling you, “In His Presence is Power and there is Power in His Presence?”* We want to be in his presence, because there …

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We Are One

Meet Jesus – A Journey Hello Kindred Souls, Lent is a time of introspection and contemplation; the last sign of spiritual hibernation with darkness being forced out of its nest, …

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