Where We Walk is Holy


Show us your way and let us walk in your path.”

The following excerpt is taken from my new revised book, “Awakening to the Inner Ticker of Life” (formerly published as 30 Messages of Hope) by Rev. Patricia A. Zorn, soon to be released; more information to follow)

A while back I had a dream. I was standing in a house on the beach. There were no windows or doors in the house.

I looked around and saw rays of sunlight bursting through all the openings in the house. I felt as if I was standing in heaven.

The water was clear. I could see the foundation of the house, it was made of sand.

As I walked around the house, there was a presence of hope around me. The sand felt cool beneath my feet.

The tide flowed in and out. Clusters of pebbles began to roll in. Some stayed behind becoming part of the foundation and others were swept back into the sea.

I looked closer to examine the small stones. I noticed there were sharp edges sticking out. The process of erosion has not had time enough to wear away the rough spots.

Pebbles represent obstacles that come up in life and can cause us more pain by stepping on them.

The mental obsession of whatever issue has blown in from the deep sea, can block the rays of the sun and the entrance of the Spirit.

There will always be rough seasons in life. The goal is to not get worn down but find relief in the moment.

I have come to believe that things and people change; passing away from one’s sight and moving out of the picture.

I have to allow God to move me around a bit like the pebble and wash over me, so I can once again walk on holy ground; maintaining a strong spiritual foundation that will hold through any storm or season that comes my way.”

We You are doing so. This is the way. The way of uncertain future and faltering steps. It is My Way …

Put all fear of the future aside Know that you will be led. Know that you will be shown. I have promised.” (God Calling)

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