Breaking Barriers – Finding Balance

In every moment of every day find your joy along the way.”

Today is the feast day of St. Therese, the Little Flower. As I am writing this blog entry, a wonderful rose is preparing to bloom.

Near the end of her life, Therese had her bed in view of the garden. When she was strong enough, walked around in it.

As we move into fall, now is the time to busy ourselves with the tasks at hand.

Living in a tropical zone opens a door to extend the planting season, by allowing me to return to the garden with a sense of purpose.

The sun has moved in Libra, for gardeners and others this is a time of taking inventory and finding balance.

Clearing away weeds and sand spurs from the medicine helpers is a way for one to cut away and let go of old ideas, or confusion that has come up during the last cycle.

Rosa rugosa babies have popped their heads from the earth. They are ready for a new space to grow. This symbolizes what you planted in the heavenly world via prayer has now come to fruition.

The Rosa rugosa bush produces beautiful flowers with fragrant blooms. Some are pink in honor of St. Therese and some are white in honor of the Mother. Rosa rugosa is known for its Rose Hips, a pure source of Vitamin C that can be made into herbal tinctures and tea. The roses also make a base for Rose Water that is a fabulous toner.

As you make your way around your garden, take stock of what is and release that which does not bring harmony and balance.

Plant you and dig you later!

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