The In-Between Time


I find myself in the garden, trimming and cleaning here and there. The heat of the July and August sun is beginning to lift and the mornings are a bit cooler.

I am tempted to plant new seed, but this is not the time. Baby shoots will not peek out from the earth, as the energy will force the seed to remain hidden for a while.

My tender greens that have survived the summer season are now beginning to stand a little taller.

All of life that has come to fruition thus far can be found in the buds that are forming on my roses (this section of the garden belongs to the Mother and St. Therese). The indigenous Passion Vine is getting ready to present me with a new bloom.

Everywhere, I see the promise of a new season where my plants will once again bear fruit. Of course, this is a reflection of the spiritual life.

We have to weed out and remove that which does not work, to make way for what does.

The In- Between time is taking a breath or break. Find joy in what is coming to formation at this time and accept God is in charge of everyone and everything.

For every time there is a season.”

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