Hope Flows

“God, heed my cry. Let my prayer come unto you!” “The windows of heaven are open. The river of water is flowing and God is listening.” “I will wait for …

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Bearer of Hope

“Fragile as we are like vessels of clay, why did God call us to be Bearers’ of God’s Hope? Radiance comes from God and not from us.” (Br. Roger) For …

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Unshakeable Support

In times of uncertainty, hold on tight… “I have not forsaken you. I am holding you in my arms!” Centuries before Christ, a believer had already prayed these words: “In …

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A Flicker of Hope

“A Flicker of Light creates a Flicker of Hope!” “People shouted when the priests blew the trumpets. It came to pass and the wall fell down.” (Josh. 6) Do you …

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Abundance in Hope

“Allow me to prepare ye the way. When you follow my lead, a life of abundance in hope will be yours for the taking.”