The Joy of Being

Joy is Me; in Me!”

It is the joy you so often seek, yet fail to embrace.

Joy is the reward of patiently seeking me in the midst of dark days, with the promise of a better tomorrow.

“Enter the Silence and Find Your Joy.”

When one enters the silence there is a pause in the awesomeness of all life.

It is here we meet at last, two old friends, reacquainting; relearning all that is.

It is in the silence where we become one; a kinship of the Spirit.

All light, honor and truth is found herein.

I wait and I listen. If you enter the silence, you will find the joy!

Find the joy of the risen one in the experience of the new birth that is to come.

“The Joy of Being is knowing that every detail of your life is planned by God.”

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3 thoughts on “The Joy of Being”

  1. You had me at the word: “JoY!” It’s one of the best words in the Universe I believe. To know that JoY is in us is such a blessing. There’s even plenty to share. Look at God!!!

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