Spiritually Prepared – Finding a Balance

This time of year makes one aware that storm season is upon us, and there are many questions to ponder whether one is physically/spiritually prepared while finding a balance.

What happens when you know a storm is coming, but it has not yet arrived? Your awareness is heightened and you find yourself a bit off-center.

Perhaps it is time to check all the supplies and see what is missing.

Is there enough water to weather this storm, keeping in mind that each human and each pet needs one gallon of water per day? Can I draw from a living water source for my Spirit to quench the anxiety?

Do I have non-perishable food supplies on hand? Will God feed my Spirit and rebuild my strength?

Now, check all flashlights and batteries; and ask yourself, “Is my inner light shining brightly or do I need to wipe the lens?”

Do you believe you have done everything you can do; just for today, leaving tomorrow alone?

Can you step out in faith, using all the spiritual tools at your disposal to move beyond any initial crisis, still believing and hoping?

Are your feet firmly planted on Holy Ground?

Do you see a break in the clouds? Look closely!

You are more prepared than you think you are!

“Let not the difficulties of life, like weeds choke the rest of your soul; suffocate and tether the soaring freedom of your spirit.

Rise above these earth bounds into newness of life; abundant and victorious.” (God at Eventide)

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