Blessings from Heaven


The White Heron is one of the native birds in my part of the world.
Like all winged ones, this bird has a story to tell and a message to share.
Sometimes in life, we have to dive deep to find our own personal truth and how we reflect that truth in our daily lives.
In last week’s message, the question for reflection was: “Is my inner light shining brightly or do I need to wipe the lens?”
Looking through a blurry lens of and recognizing self as either too important or not good enough, clouds the panorama that rests on the horizon.
The Heron is a water bird and is encouraging you to follow along for a new flight. When you stop, have the faith to go within, fix what needs fixing and glide on.
Heron reminds us “Every traveler on life’s journey is a messenger” and every destination is a new beginning.

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