Rest in My Love

Prophetic Message:

Receive Me…

Don’t give into the negativity that permeates everything you touch; all that you listen to or view with your eyes. If left unattended, destruction will take root; staining the heart, causing one to manifest extreme moments of darkness and despair.

“O’ Lord, how my adversaries have increased.” (Ps. 3)

My Gift:

Just a few days ago, I stopped in for a visit. A nice wind blew through your abode. Did you receive my gift or have you forgotten me?

“God will not abandon us.” (Ps. 89)

I am the wind within your being. I AM and I always will be. I AM the alpha and the omega. I fit in all your spaces and places.

Breathe in and out; allow My Spirit to comfort you and reveal to you what you need to know.

Each person on the planet is unique and can proceed according to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Come Closer:

When one comes to My Abode, she/he has the opportunity to identify the distractions of life; separating one from connecting with God.

Rest in My Love:

Open your spiritual eyes; receive me and rest in my Love.

“Into this dark night souls begin to enter when God draws them forth from the state of beginners – which is the state of those that meditate on the spiritual road – and begins to set them in the state of progressives.” (St. John of the Cross)

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