A Communication in the Silence

In Sync with Heaven & Earth

Raising our hands and hearts, we stretch out before heaven…

“The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. Day to day pours forth speech and night to night reveals knowledge. “

Son Day for Sunday Message:

Remember the earth lives and breathes as you do.

As the earth is shifting and wobbling; she is making adjustments coinciding with all the problems on the surface.

In this season, there are many fires burning.

At the same time, there is much happening deep within; spaces and places are veiled from one’s vision.

Communication is hidden in the silence; rising from one end of the heavens to another.

We are in a period of transition, “The windows of heaven are open; the river of water is flowing and God is listening.”

Be glad, earth and sky! Roar, sea, and every creature in you; be glad, fields, and everything in you! The trees in the woods will shout for joy. (PS. 96:11)

With the changes that abound; my heaven world is inching closer to you. Many are reaching out and up; searching for God in a non-traditional way, creating a shift within the consciousness of humanity.

We look to Jesus; finding that one’s will and conscience are in agreement with Him every time.” (Utmost, 6.6)

A Communication in the Silence

“When the Lord comes initially comes in contact with us via the Spirit, we are quietly awakened to be in sync with Him.”

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