What Goes Up – Comes Down

“And now, I will ascend to God, as you and the world rise to God.”

The power of the ascending Christ via the Holy Spirit is working through us.

What if he asks: “Whom shall I send?” Who may ascend to the hill of the Lord in this new season?

Are you going into spaces and places; in between the cracks, finding the brokenness of humanity, as He did?

 Are you keeping pace with Yeshua Jesus or running ahead of Him?

I go before you always…

Ascending is only the beginning of our new journey with Christ.

“We are charged to walk in the Spirit, to live in the Spirit; to do things in the Spirit and to pray in the Spirit. This is not a mere phrase. When we live in our Spirit, we will not live by ourselves but by the Lord. When we learn to walk according to our Spirit, we will not walk according to the worldly system but according to the heavenly way.” (The Tree of Life, pg. 23)

Tune In…

Experience the Mingling of God with the Spirit of Man!

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