Prayer of Protection

“Lord and Holy Protector, like the disciples who were caught in their tiny boat in the midst of a mighty storm, we come to beg Your Help.

We are fearful and feel helpless and small before the great power of this storm, which is beyond our control.

While everything seems dark and dangerous, we place our trust in you, our Lord and God.

Sheltered here in our home, we are also shielded by Your Love against all that might harm us.

Lord, we fear for our home, for our lives and for all we hold dear.

Lord, your Sacred Blessing is upon this home and upon each of us as well. We are secure in the power of that blessing.

May the saving power of the Cross of Your Son, Jesus, encircle our home and us.

May the Sacred Sign of the Cross repel all harm and injury.

Lord and Creator of Storms and of Rainbows, be with us in this time of uncertainty.”

Amen +

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