Listen, Let Go, and To Thy Own Self be True!

First, do not be discouraged by that which you see around you, not everything is as it seems.
There are inner workings here and life that goes much deeper than what you see on the surface.
There is a crux and change that is happening deep within the earth, and deep within the heart of each being that has the courage to pipe up and listen.
Listening is the key to the survival of life and a long and intimate relationship with God.
Listening, means taking the time to spend with God in the midst of all the great change around you.
Life will present its distractions.
It will be your measure to show what you will do with such distractions; will you embrace them or will you dismiss them?
Decide which arena you want to jump into each day of your life. The simpler you keep your life, the easier it will be to live it.
Move forward, move on.
One cannot go back to that which was, embrace what is.
Be of support to another, but you no longer belong in any of those past places, except as a friend who supports through prayer. If you get a glimpse of your past through the interactions and challenges of another, remember that famous mantra, to “bless the being and the path he/she is on.”
We are all called to be a beacon of light. “The light will be among you a little longer. Continue on your way while you have the light, so that the darkness will not come upon you; for the one who walks in the dark does not know where he is going.”
In many ways this is the final battle. The spiritual lines have been drawn, although you cannot see them with your finite eyes.
What does this mean? It means that you have to choose which side of the street you want to be on and stay there in relation to your spiritual walk.
Either stay in the light, or accept all the miserable consequences that come from a troubled heart. Remember Jesus’ words in the garden, “Now my heart is troubled and what shall I say?” Jesus had to appeal to his Father for assistance. The anguish of the betrayal of his friends, and the overall energy of the day and era was dark was dragging him down.
Yes, we all have weak moments, but don’t make your moments of despair roll into years, for you will be knocked out of contention to do greater things.
Muster up all of your tools and use them to benefit those around you. “You will do greater things than I.”
Remember true charity begins at home in your heart. When you learn to really love and embrace who you are, you will able to love and embrace others.
This is not the end of things, just a new beginning and hope for a better tomorrow.
As always, “Don’t look back, look up and see all the greatness God has in store for you.”

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