Giving All

A simple tap of a cymbal and the tone of the world changes; in our wanting and in our growing this is what we strive for, to change, to give our all in spite of what is happening around us. “To lend without hoping for anything appears difficult in nature; one would prefer to give. For a thing given no longer belongs to one.” (St. Therese, Story of a Soul)

As we prepare to enter this new Season of Light, we first step through the door of giving thanks for what we have, especially those who are part of our lives; the ones that are easy to love and the ones that are not so easy to love.

“Think of everything as flowing from the highest good; and therefore unto me, as their spring must all be brought back. When heavenly grace and true love enters in, there will be no envy or narrowness of heart. Divine love overcomes all things, and enlarges all the powers of the soul.” (The Imitation of Christ)

We are required to see more and not less; and give it all until God stops giving to us.

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