Jesus and Women

Today, July 22nd is the Feast Day of St. Mary Magdalene. She is one of the most misunderstood women in the Bible. Mary deserves to be remembered as one who was called by God to serve as a disciple.

We know for a fact, many women were among Jesus’ followers during his earthly ministry and one of the women closest to Jesus was Mary Magdalene.

Scripture tells us, Mary was present during Jesus’ ministry walk and his Golgotha journey.

When Jesus was in such excruciating pain, Mary was there; as was our Blessed Mother Mary.

Many of the men who pledged to follow and support Jesus had fled or fallen away.

On the morning of the Resurrection, we find Mary Magdalene at the tomb of Jesus. She is weeping, looking for Jesus, and the angels ask her, “Who are you looking for?”

Jesus appears to Mary and speaks to her in a very loving way and calls her by first name, “Mary!”

Jesus gives Mary a very special message to carry back to the others. Why?

Mary’s faith in Jesus was genuine and Jesus trusted her to follow through with his request.

Women priests, ministers and pastors are very much a part of Jesus’ ministry serving humanity in all aspects of life.

There are those in our world who believe women should not serve in any type of priestly ministry, nor be ordained. They use old antiquated and outdated lines from scripture to support their cause.

You don’t have to travel to Rome to experience this type of rejection.

Once upon a time there were priests and bishops who once sang the praises of women serving as priests and ministers, and ordaining them.

Now they hide behind vestments in small spaces recanting women’s ordination to the priesthood, for their own self-serving purposes.

On this awesome feast day of St. Mary Magdalene, please take a moment to remember all the women who serve as priests, ministers and pastors. Let them know how special they are and if they have made a difference in your life!


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