Heaven is not Separated nor Segregated

Maybe it was the sight of St. Therese’s lovely roses gently swaying in the wind or the fragrant bloom of the Jasmine that caused my head to turn.

God was once again calling me to him, in the garden.

Nature is ‘the’ place where God and I meet on equal and holy ground.

As one steps into this heavenly setting, we are invited to participate in the sacred dance of all life. We are called as children of God to come closer.

There is such synchronicity in nature and one should be allowed to walk in unity regardless of one’s station in life.

God is calling us to step up, or as Jesus put it, “I must be about my Father’s business.”

When one is beckoned into a life of service in ministry, there should be no barriers, no segregation or separation in the process; allowing those who are answering the call to breathe in and breathe out the beauty of life.

If you encounter such an experience, take heart this does not come from God. It is the error of religiosity and dogma that causes such disrepair and lack of balance in our spiritual communities. In essence, the precepts of God or the teachings of Christ are abandoned in the face of ego, power and control.

Stand tall in honor and truth; remain hopeful in the midst of any oppression. Do not be dismayed, nor discouraged; God is with us wherever we go.

Remember dear ones, it is God who invites and calls us into this wondrous time of life.

Let us continue to pray and work together and believe: “Heaven is not separated nor segregated” and neither are we.

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