Good Friday

Are you still walking the dusty path with your cross?

Has someone close to you let you down, perhaps did not stand with you shoulder to shoulder during this Season of Lent?

Jesus understood what it felt like to be abandoned by others.

Here is an excerpt taken from “Saints Alive” by Hilda Charlton about Good Friday.

May you take comfort that God’s grace is given freely to all of his children in every season of life:

I suffered to help all. All will not take this grace. I can put out My hand to help you over the rough spots, but if you do not take that hand, it is both of our sorrows, for then I died in vain and you refused my help. My grace is for all who will take it; not for a chosen few, but for all.”

Our journey together is going to change. The clouds are rolling in. Hold on tight.

See you Easter Sunday!

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