Holy Ground

“Where we walk is holy!”


Son Day for Sunday Message…

Many are spiritually hungry to know the truth about God and desire a deeper connection via the Holy Spirit.

A few years back, during a time of preparation, I was beckoned to come closer to God.

There may be a few rocky steps here and there, but when you chose to stand on Holy Ground, you can leave behind your former life with all its cares and worries.

Are you easily distracted from the path?

Don’t allow the doldrums and non-existent claims of life to interfere with your spiritual journey.  When Jesus said, “It is finished” he moved on and we can too.

“Stand where you are and watch what the Lord does for you!” (Ex. 17)

Psalms of Hope:

The support and truth for one to grow spiritually is found in Holy Scripture. Let the words jump off the page and come alive for you.

“Give your worries to the Lord and he will care for you. He will never let those who are good be defeated.” (Ps. 55)

Prayer of the Week:

“Today, I have the freedom and flexibility to be in the silence wherever my feet are planted. Do you hear the gentle footsteps of God? Feel the vibration of the earth mother and be still. All of life is part of God’s divine design.”*

I will pray to the LORD, and he will answer me from his holy mountain. Selah! (Ps. 4)

**Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, Patricia A. Zorn

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