Bleeding Heart


My garden is bountiful and flourishing in this nice fall weather.

In the land of humid air, it is nice to get a break from the heat to see what the plants will do.

Every year and season, I am more surprised at the transformation that happens in my garden or as I fondly call it, “God’s Garden.”

As I went out to cut some garlic chives for soup, there appeared before me two beautiful sets of Bleeding Heart flowers, in full bloom. The flowers were waving in the gentle breeze of the day; a blessing of God’s creation.

On the emotional or spiritual level, Bleeding Heart is utilized for deep heart break and grief; especially for those who have suffered loss in their lives.

I lost my own mother many years back. It was much too soon for me. We were just getting to know one another on a different level and then she was gone.

Bleeding Heart is also associated with my favorite saint, the Blessed Mother, Mary. When I experience any kind of loss in life, Mary is my power of example and Bleeding Heart is my flower of choice, to work through  life’s endings and press on to new beginnings.

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