Awareness – A Gift from God

“I am your guide, strength and help will come to you, just trust me wholly. Walk in my ways and know that help will come.” (God Calling)

Awareness is a real gift from God.

During this Season of Gratitude, we encounter those who truly have needs and those who do not.

A few days back, I was leaving a local plaza. I proceeded to my car and placed my bags in the back seat. I looked up and saw two individuals walking quickly in my direction. I got into the car and locked my doors.

Soon, the man and woman were in the parking spot next to me, asking me to roll down my window.

I cracked the window just enough to hear, but not enough for anyone to put their hand inside and the ignition was running. The pair kept a healthy distance. Perhaps, it was the large angels that surrounded my car that kept them at bay.

The request was “Can you help us?”

I listened and gave the man suggestions on how to get local assistance. He was not interested and had a rebuttal for each point. He wanted cash to buy food. He tried every angle to get my attention and bitterly said to me, “Well, you have yourself a Merry Christmas.” I didn’t respond.

My Spirit was not moved to be of assistance, but to drive away.

 “We need not fear any dangers at night or sudden attacks during the day. In Him we trust.”(Psalm 91)

The confirmation came that I was doing the right thing; as I drove away I heard the word, “Scam” and then my phone rang for a real need.

It has been my experience that God will make you aware of the people that require your assistance without putting you in harm’s way.

Keep your heart open; stay aware and stay safe.

I am going to share this great little travel prayer with you. I pray you and your beloveds stay safe, whether you are traveling to the store, across the nation or around the world:

“I place the Light of Christ before me, in back of me, to the left and to the right and within. May I do no evil and receive no evil. “(Hilda Charlton)

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