Advent Week 1 – I Hear Him Calling!

The psalmist writes, “If today you hear his voice, harden not your heart!” Do you hear him calling?

Many are busy rushing here and rushing there, not noticing the world is just a bit off center.

Christ said, “Look for signs”.

We have to look for inner and outer signs in ourselves and in our world. We must “Hear Him Calling” and prepare the way, even when life does not go the way you want it to go.

This past week, I had the opportunity to meet a family trying to get back on their feet. They have not had a permanent space to call home for some time. They bounce from place to place; living in the car, staying with friends, in a motel, or sometimes camping in a back yard.

Another ministry friend and I had such hope that this family would be able to move into a home by Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, this did not happen, due to items that need repairing in the home.

Even in the midst of despair, Advent offers us a glimmer of Light off in the distance.

After doing all the footwork necessary in life, there is only one thing left to do during this first week of Advent:

Open yourself in prayer, before the sun rises and after it sets; drawing in the presence of Emmanuel (God within us); increasing the Light of Christ and extending it out to all those you encounter, as you “Hear Him Calling” and trust that a way will be made!

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