You Are Welcome In This Space

“When the Spirit of Truth comes, the Ruach will guide you into all the truth and will tell you what will happen in the future.” (Jn. 16:13)


The Holy Spirit has been given to us via the promise made by Jesus before his ascension.

How we maintain that relationship is based on our daily spiritual fitness and what we put into action.

As spiritual beings living the human experience, we make room for things in our lives consciously/unconsciously that may or may not be important.

Do you invite chaos, confusion or burdens that are not yours to carry into the sanctity of your sacred space; a place that has only room for one?

God says, “Everything that I have is yours” and the Shekinah Spirit will reveal it to you according my divine time not man’s watch.

When we welcome the Risen Christ into our Sacred Space, the Spirit stirs and we wake up that part of us that has remained dormant.

The “Inner Ticker of Life” is ready for you to wake up. Are you ready?

“The Spirit that resides within us is not limited by anything or anyone.” (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 24)

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