Walk Your Talk

Last week, our topic was, “The Blessing of the Blessing.”
Why not widen the circle a bit and strive towards being a spiritual blessing for all of 2014, and not just around the date of the New Year? People make all sorts of resolutions and run out of gas because one’s expectation exceeds reality.
Many of us have good intentions to be of assistance to another, and pray that the person or person’s one is helping will be blessed by the inspiration or information given.
However, if I don’t apply those same principles in my own life and put them into action, how can I expect someone else to heed the same call for change?
Recently, I was reminded by a dear friend who posed this great question: “Are you walking your talk or just giving lip service?”
My friend went on to explain: People, who are supposed to be learning to love one another, all in the name of God say, “I am very religious, but, I don’t like this being; I don’t like that being. I am very honorable, because I believe.”
At the end of the conversation he said, “If you don’t walk in the direction of your belief, you have no belief.” This is truth regardless of one’s denomination or station in life.
In conclusion, walking your own talk, and being in sync with God’s Love, allows one to move beyond lip service and into the action of blessing another.

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