Don’t Marry the Outcome

“Marriage between two persons is a supreme sharing experience’ and is all about giving and receiving, on equal footing.

Through our interactions with others, we can also become married to other aspects of life, such as circumstances and situations that one has no control over.

For some us, working in a healing setting, there is an innate drive to move life along, through our own power, and believing “If I do this or do that, then such and such will happen.”

Unfortunately, when one decides to marry the outcome, we push ourselves past God’s will and a spiritual blindness sets in; we miss the door that God has opened for us to step through.

When we move, spiritually, from to single living, (playing God) to universal living (part of the team, or being in sync with God); we understand that things appear to us when it is at the best time, and not the time we choose or think is most beneficial. There is no timepiece or measuring stick for God’s divine timing.

As pilgrims on the path, if we can choose to not marry the outcome and not set the stage before the script has been written by the divine author.

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