Tweaking the Foundation

In this new season, there is much to be done.

Feeling Stuck?

“Don’t become weary in well doing.”

Prophetic Message:

Instead of reaching for someone or something else; reach out for me.

In your time of need, ask Me: ‘Loving Father, What Shall I do?’


“The Most High is my safe resting place.” (Ps. 91)

Let this passage be a support in your time of need; remaining for all concerns, regardless of the origin of the issue by bringing you out of darkness or hopelessness into the Light, with a different view.

Adjusting one’s vision involves clarity.

 “The Lord has not given me a Spirit of Fear but a powerful, loving and self-controlled mind.” (Eph. 6)

Beware of where your thoughts take you.

As one thinks, so she/he is.

Come to the table with a clear, open mind and be prepared to be led in the way you need to go.

When her cry comes up to me, I will give her an answer.” (Ps. 91)

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