The Child Within

Angel of Light

“The star came to a standstill where the child lay.”

One of the first attraction’s to the Light of the Living Christ came about when the three astrologers made their way to Bethlehem; paying homage to the Holy Child, Jesus.

“Wise One’s Seek Him.”

In Isaiah, it is written: “A Child is born, A Son is given” bringing heaven upon earth. In order to experience heaven, we have to go deep connecting to the Christ within.

“Our God build it on the deep waters beneath the earth and the Lord’s foundation in the ocean’s depths.” (Ps. 24)

We have to start somewhere, why?

We are stumbling children who neither understand nor know how to pray, especially when the chips are down.

One must become as a little one, “allowing the mystical power to transform us from within – out; listening to the still small voice within, allowing Christ to do the work.

“He has been named, Wise God, Strong God.” (Ps. 24)

*Angel of Light, cross-stitch photo by Jackie Mellen

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