In Our Growing and Becoming

Following up from our Son Day for Sunday Message…

“Acquaint yourself with him. Be at peace and good shall come to you.” (Jb. 22)


As struggling souls who neither understand nor know how to pray, we are to become as little children, trusting in Him.

Jesus never refuses anyone. His constant mantra found in scripture, “Come Unto Me!”

As pilgrims on the path, spiritual work is done from the inside –out, as healing is.

Via prayer, we contact the divine power that dwells deep within. Bring it to bear upon the various difficulties of life; starting with the most urgent issue and working forward from there.

Switch the Channel:

When you acknowledge the presence of the Christ within; outer appearances or circumstances begin to improve.

The more you connect and deeper you go; healing whether it be mental, physical or spiritual, moves to the forefront of one’s being allowing one to grow and become the person God intends for she/he to be.

“I Salute the Divinity of Christ within; relax and get set free!”

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