Shaking It All Out

“I have appeared to you for this purpose.” (Acts. 26)

We review Paul’s spiritual encounter on the road to Damascus, “You are to have no purpose but mine.”

This morning, I had a vision; like the flash that comes from taking a picture. When this happens, I quiet myself; so I can hold to the vision and receive what the Lord is giving me.

The Vision:

Standing in the yard, I was shaking out a heavy sheet. As I shook the sheet, rocks came tumbling out; misshapen with some sharp edges.

Next, I heard the words, “Let it Go!” I was reminded to let go of what wasn’t and hold onto what is!

As the morning progressed, I received further confirmation; the rocks represented stuff that was rattling around in my head.

“It is not what we spend the greatest amount of time that molds us the most, but whatever exerts the most power over us.”*

We who abide in Christ are discovering bits and pieces of God’s plan. What appear to be free choices are actually God’s foreordained decrees.

“Am I fulfilling the hidden ministry that brings forth fruit through which God is glorified?”

*Utmost for His Highest

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