God’s Nature – I Go Before You

“Whoever seeks reconciliation with a simple heart is able to pass through rock-hard situations like the water of a stream.” (Br.  Roger)

It is in God’s nature to help us feel safe and secure as we continue our journey with Him.

Son Day for Sunday Message:

The ground beneath your feet is like clay mixed with large rocks. The surface is uneasy beneath your feet. Don’t allow life to rock your foundation.

“When the mind is closed, the base is weakened and one becomes unteachable.” (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life)

Don’t Forget to Pray, Pause & Be…

Allow me to work out all the kinks and details. Let me carry the load for you. My shoulders are strong and steady.

When you cease fighting the process, the earth you walk on will become settled.

Remember, Where We Walk Is Holy…

“Let the earth rejoice. Let the coastlands be glad.”(Ps. 97)

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