Season of Light 2012 – Advent Week 1

On this first Sunday of Advent, we begin by seeing the Light peek out just an inch above the horizon as the sun rises.
At the end of each day, the sun begins its descent as it spreads rays of hope and promise of a new tomorrow.
The way the Light shines and settles in the snapshot reminds me of the mystery of God. “Pray for the seeing eye to see the beauty of my character, of my spirit.”
Our first week of Advent we are called to embrace the character of God’s Spirit and his message of wisdom. Wisdom can be a new understanding or a new beginning.
As I looked closer at this wondrous photo, I realize there are no limits in God’s world. I watched the blessings flow through the beams of Light.
I realize the freedom I have in meeting God in the moment.
Herein encompasses the lesson of wisdom during this first week of Advent:
One does not need a mega church or cathedral to make a connection with God, or to experience a celebration of life.
Just as the rays shine down in the picture, God gave me a vision of the future.
Someone once asked me, “Where is your church?” I pointed to my feet.
As I was writing, I had a quick vision of Christ’s sandaled feet moving onto the next event.
This is what I do in ministry; keep trusting and moving forward on God’s great adventure. “The path has been tried. Every step has been planned with a view to your progress. Never test your work by what others can accomplish, or by what they leave undone. Yours to master the task I have set you. Go forward in my strength and the Spirit of Adventure.”
We will move onward towards week 2 of this beautiful Season of Light – Advent, with a little gift of wisdom; capturing a moment in time, in the world of God.

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