Pushing Against the Tide

“Don’t Push Against the Tide, Roll with It!”

Everything happens in God’s time for a reason. We can either push against the tide of life or step aside and let it roll by.

In these last few months, I’ve had to make a decision to settle for less or honor who I am. In each situation, I chose to honor who I am and not push against the tide. Why?

Ocean Home

It’s like ocean water that splashes over a large rock on the beach. After a period of time, erosion begins to wear away some of the outer surface. Regardless of the intensity of the waters force, the foundation of the rock remains intact. So, by honoring who I am, my spiritual values and foundation remain intact.

As I was preparing for today’s message, I opened up my bible software searching for a scripture passage and this devotion popped up on my computer screen…

“It helps to know that God sees everything that is going on, especially in a time of confusion; in a time of disruption and opposition; in a time when alliances break down and friendships seem to fade away, as arrows of accusation fly and blows of blame lay heavy upon the broken heart.” (Rylisms)

This passage is exactly what I need; an affirmation that I am on the right road regardless of whether or not someone accepts me for who I am, not what they want me to be.

Had I not gone to God for a solution, trusting in His divine timing; pushing back to make point that cannot be made, I would have missed the reminder about a message I received in 2002. I pray the words herein will bring you comfort in these challenging times, just in case you find yourself wanting to push against the tide.

 Son Day for Sunday Message:

“Your path has become so clear. Your words have helped many and they do each day. Did you know that people save your words? They save them to go back and read them again. You fill a need in this world and that’s important.

You have gifts; use them, now is the time. If you don’t, you are going to allow the hatred, anxiety and fears to overcome the beauty that is all of you.

Stand tall, stay in honor, and believe in yourself. When you live in honor you are not disobeying any universal law. When you live in truth nothing but truth will return to you because it can. You know what the answer is when you ask the question, when you live in truth. When you are honorable everything that you give comes from your Spirit; comes from your heart, because that is truly the beginning and the basis of all honor.

It has nothing to do with who your family is; the country you live, where your abode is, what your hopes are, what your aspirations are or your dreams. It has to do with who you are; you are honorable, you are kind, have compassion.

Have the kind of compassion that does not look down, but looks across. That is a wondrous way to be. We live in an ailing world that now needs more love than ever. It needs a steady stream of it. Feel that love for each being upon this plane of existence.”

“Stand still. Allow the Waves of Life to Flow Around You; Giving You a Wider Berth on the Path!”

If today’s ‘Son Day for Sunday’ message speaks to you, please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you. Thanks for being you!

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