Perfect in His Sight

Beyond the Pulpit

“If you could see what I see!”

A dear friend of mine shared that sentiment with me years ago. She was referring to my spiritual growth; reminding me that God looks upon us in the same way. He is in awe of who we can become as part of His creation; regardless of how many years young one may be!

The light of the body is the eye. The eye is to the body what the Son is to the universe.

Stand Tall…

“I pray that the light of God will illuminate the eyes of your imagination; flooding you with light, until you experience the full revelation of the hope of his calling—that is, the wealth of God’s glorious inheritances that he finds in us, his holy ones!” (Eph. 1:18)

The Spirit Speaks…

I hear the Lord saying, “I will stay close to you, instructing and guiding you along the pathway for your life. I will advise you along the way and lead you forth with my eyes as your guide. So don’t make it difficult; don’t be stubborn when I take you where you’ve not been before. Don’t make me tug you and pull you along. Just come with me!” (Ps. 32:8)

Breathe in and breathe out…

Into the Garden

Meet Rose. She resides in my front garden, producing blooms regardless of outer conditions or circumstances. St. Therese’ said…

“I will spend my heaven doing good on earth. I will let fall a shower of roses.”*

Connect with the Inner Ticker of Life

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*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life

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