Lent – Week 2: Bringing It All to the Table

Jesus was deep in conversation at a nearby well, with a local Samaritan woman.

The male disciples were absent from the beginning of this encounter and now appear on the scene.

With no understanding as to what had transpired prior to their arrival, the followers were inquiring about whether anyone brought Jesus food.

Jesus’ response to the request was, “I have food to eat you know nothing about. My food is to do what the one who sent me wants me to do, and to finish the work he has given me.” (John 4)

Like most of us, the followers of “The Way” didn’t get the gist of what Jesus was saying to them; not until much later. It takes time for the inner spiritual light bulb to turn on.

What am I willing to lay on the line this week? Is there a spiritual task that is left undone?

Have you heard the gentle words, “Wait” in order to not self-will a situation or conversation?

Followers of Christ will “arrive at the place where the true light from Spirit will dawn upon them.”

“Divine understanding within me unites with the Holy Spirit and I always know what to do.”

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