Lean Into God & Step Around Life, Part 2

“This is My Broken Body!”

Following up from our Son Day for Sunday message, let’s dig further.

A Short Re-Cap:

“Dusting himself off, he traveled to the Country of Decapolis. Told about the great things Jesus did for him” & All were filled with wonder.”(Mk.5)

Today’s Prophetic Passage:

Are you filled with wonder? I hope so.

It’s amazing what happens when we lean into God; in hope, faith and trust, while stepping around life. We lean into the ‘Goodness of God’ and all he wants for us.

When there is a true cry-out from the heart, there is none who understands more than Jesus. In all things, he relates to our brokenness; whether it resides deep within or around us.

Tune in and listen to my latest podcast for the rest of today’s message, taken from my book, “Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life”…

Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash

Be Blessed!

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