Is God Listening?


God, Thank you for not rejecting my prayers!” (Ps. 66)

As we walk together during a most troublesome time on the planet, many are asking this question, “God are you listening?” Yes, God is listening!

Many of you are frightened about what tomorrow will bring. It is important to stay in today. Keep your eye on the task in front of you. As you know, everything is changing in the moment.

There is fear. There is anger and there is prayer. If you find yourself not able to do anything else; take time to hold yourself up to the light everyday, pray and be.

Remember, you are never alone and you will never be abandoned. You have the greatest tool in your possession, the ability to pray. It does not cost anything. It does not weigh anything. You can do this in the silence of your heart.

If you feel timid or alone in your ideals of prayer, start with something simple: “God, please help me”. It is the intent of one’s prayer and not the ritual that is so important now.

Your tools and gifts are needed. Your help in raising the consciousness of man is needed. Your light and love is needed; and most of all your prayers for one another are needed.

Don’t forget, God is Listening!

My Beloved Child of God, Do not be dismayed nor discouraged. It does not matter if you fumble in the process of creating a prayer life with me. My Spirit resides within you and is not limited by anything or anyone.”

(Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, Inspirational Messages of God’s Love & Healing

by Patricia A. Zorn, Page 24)

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