Here I Am Lord

One of our many partner projects!
One of our many partner projects!

Here is my servant, whom I strengthen— the one I have chosen, with whom I am pleased.” (Is. 42)

Yesterday I had the privilege to say a few words about a ministry friend who passed away, suddenly, last week.

My friend, John was a stand up guy with integrity. He freely shared what he had with others by honoring those he served, without expecting anything in return. He had a child-like eagerness of love and adventure each time stepping on to the pavement passing on a box of hope, in the form of food for one in need. He was a member of God’s special secret service.

In his own way, John spoke volumes without uttering a word. He clearly said, “Here I Am Lord”, use me.

Tool 6: Lent is about the journey and how we are all called to be who we are and so much more more. This week, as your prepare for your holy ritual whatever it may be, don’t forget to say, “Here I Am, Lord.”

God’s Angel called from heaven, Are you there? Yes, Here I Am!”

Thanks for Your Kind Words, Be Blessed!

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