Easter Blessings

I’d stay in the garden with him.” (C. Austin)


We are back where we started in the garden. The plants are in full bloom. We are greeted by the aroma of the citrus bloom and we notice a familiar face among the plants:

In June of 2010, during prayer and meditation, I had a vision of Jesus in a place I perceived to be the Garden of Gethsemane.

In this scene, there were olive trees and some of the branches were gently swaying, pointing towards Jesus.

Jesus was dressed in white, a color that is symbolic with the divine and victory. He was kneeling on one knee; opening his arms, beckoning me to come closer. I felt safe and loved. I wanted to stay in his presence forever. (excerpt taken from Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, God’s Messages of Love & Healing, Chapter 9, pg. 57 by Patricia A. Zorn, to be released next week)

The garden is full of life and Light. We have left behind that which does not serve and taken on divine activity (helping others) and fulfillment of the divine will of God (thy will be done).

May you be blessed where ever you walk this holy weekend!

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