Helping Others

As we step into another year of being and living, we have a common theme; a desire to reach out and help others along the way.
The question is, “How do I help another in a constructive way?”
We will attempt to answer this question from a spiritual perspective, as the wish to do and be always comes from God.
In our desire to help others, many times we want to rush in and fix a person or one’s circumstance.
It is not my job to fix. It is my job to love and allow and “Let Go and Let God” fix everything.
In every endeavor, God has to be at the front of the pack, so I don’t miss any important inspirations along the way.
For example: Earlier in the fall of 2013, prior to the start of the holiday, our church family had a discussion, how can we help during the holiday? I knew we had to wait to see how God would answer this question.
It was not long after our gathering, I found myself driving home along a regular route of mine. I looked up and saw a sign posted at one of the local schools that had the answer to our question. The message was instantaneous, and so powerful that I almost drove off the road.
As a result of waiting and following God’s lead and putting out various appeals; the flow of abundance and love continued. We helped those he handpicked to intersect our path.
Let us continue to do His work, His way!
Happy New Year to You and Yours!

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