A Promise of Tomorrow

The Feast Day of Epiphany commemorates the visit of the Three Kings/Wise men, in search of the star; the Light of the World, the Promise of Tomorrow.

The Wise Men followed the star for a very long time. They had trials along the way, but eventually reached their destination, just as you and I will reach our spiritual destination in this life.

As the 3 Kings searched for the Light; each of you must find the true Light within yourselves to share with another.

As for helping, God will send those to us who need our assistance.

Each time you bless another, God will bless you. This is how we pass on gifts to others; just as the 3 Kings did for Jesus and his parents so long ago.

Accept these blessing, following a star, in search of the Light as gifts from God and don’t forget to say, “Thanks!”

Now you are prepared to receive all the blessings of Heaven. This is the “Promise of Tomorrow”, Amen!

“Those who live in darkness have seen a great Light.” (MT4)

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