Full Circle

Let all know that I wait quietly, my hope is in God.” (Prov.62)

There is a season in life when God takes care of everything and more is revealed. The key is to have patience, wait and experience faith building as one let’s go affirming, “All is well.”

When Jesus said,”If any place refuses to welcome or listen to you, shake its dust from your feet as you leave.” This is a powerful passage. By wiping the dust from one’s hands or feet we give it all to God.

The 2nd part of this passage from the Book of Mark is powerful. When we finish wiping off the dust or the old stuff that does not work in the present, we “abandon those to their fate.” This gives me permission to leave behind people, places and things or as a friend of mine says I can “Bless the being and the path he/she is on.”

We come “Full Circle” to return to the sacredness of all life and meet God. This is the path of the true seeker who does not waiver regardless of which way the wind blows.

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