Earth Changes – Keep Praying!

Begin this day to send the “Light of Love” to areas of the world where there is war and destruction.

You have an area closer to your shore line that needs prayer daily.

You are informed there is an oil spill.

Look into your gulf waters.  This area needs prayer.

Here is what is happening in relation to the earth changes:

Remember the earth lives and breathes as you do.

As the earth is shifting and wobbling, and that is what she is doing; she is shifting to make adjustments for all the problems on the surface.

What is happening in the gulf and other areas of your planet is the stuff that is not on the surface. This relates to what runs deep.

Beneath the ocean floor is where the seismic activity is taking place. You are seeing earthquakes all around the globe.

It is most interesting where the quakes are occurring now.

All of these geographical areas are connected and the connections, the lines follow the floor, and beneath the floor.

It is not what you can, but what you cannot see, the issues that run deep!

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